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Welcome to Hack and Slash! The community devoted to rareslash for video games. Sick of raving fanboys? Like the guys who like it rough? This is the place for you!


-Post whatever you want as long as it's related to guys from ass-kicking video games, preferably slash/yaoi.

-This is for rare fandoms. There's no Sephiroth/Cloud on this comm. Here is a list of non-rare fandoms. I'm sure we forgot some, so feel free to add your suggestions.

-Please lj-cut and warn for spoilers, adult material, and potentially offensive content (incest, BDSM, etc). Credit for any posted fanart/doujinshi/fanfiction/icons/etc.

-Don't be dumb.

-That means no flames. Break the rules and little Hotsuma will cry.

-If you know any games you think should be added to the interests list, feel free to suggest them.

-The above is not actually a rule, more like a guideline.

-If you're just joining us, you can use this form to introduce yourself. Or not. We just thought we'd make it easier on you.

Link to your fic/art/website:
Favorite system:
Favorite game:
Release you're most looking forward to:
Slashiest game:
Slashiest video game moment:
Max Payne/Jack Slate? Trish/Lucia? Rikimaru/Onikage? One rare pairing you'd really like to see:
Huge swords or huge guns? Which is more Freudian?

-greekhoop and croik are your mods. If you have any questions or problems feel free to email them.

Run wild, kids.