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Hi, I just joined this comm, particularly because I feel a bit suffocated by all the KH and FF fanfiction clogging up the mechanism in the world of gaming fanfiction (not that there's anything wrong with that XD). So, I figure i'll put up that intro now!

Name: Blackwolfmoon (just call me Julia)
Link to your fic/art/website: LJ fanfic archive (it's all Danny Phantom if anyone's into that, and it's all slash)
Favorite system: Tie between Xbox 360 and Nintendo DS
Favorite game: Dead Rising and/or Half-Life 2
Release you're most looking forward to: Beautiful Katamari for the 360
Slashiest game: Dead Rising (although FF is pretty high up there...)
Slashiest video game moment: From DR: When Kent Swanson puts the gun to Frank West's head, gets up real close and says "I'm gonna tie you up nice and tight- get the zombies all riled up..."
Max Payne/Jack Slate? Trish/Lucia? Rikimaru/Onikage? One rare pairing you'd really like to see: Considering the minor Dead Rising phase i'm going through, i'd have to say Frank/Kent.
Huge swords or huge guns? Which is more Freudian? BOTH really, but i'm a sucker for big guns.

Most of the fic I post here will be Dead Rising or Half-Life 2 related, but I look forward to seeing what the community has to offer!
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