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Plug for Mao/Almaz Community 
08:15pm 20/01/2010

maomaz recognizes Mao and Almaz from Disgaea 3 as a pairing. Join if you're interested, we'd love to have more members! ♥

Hitman slash? 
01:31am 14/04/2009
  Hey everyone--

Does anyone know if there is any Hitman slash out there? I'm watching my partner play the game (which I bought for myself!!!) and am thinking: "The protagonist is hot. His sexuality isn't clearly defined by the canon. He's discrete and sociopathic and has access to all sorts of interesting items: surely someone else has seen the potential for slashtastic goodness here other than me...?"
Kirby Slash 
04:58pm 14/04/2008
  Hope it's okay to pimp out my comm a little since it's pretty related. Anyway, I recently created a Kirby Slash community. Yup, Kirby. So if you're interested in it for whatever reason than do join! Have to admit... that's rare slash right there.

11:09pm 05/02/2008
  Thought I'd share these with everyone.

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New Girl 
12:56pm 02/06/2007
mood: anxious
Hi, I just joined this comm, particularly because I feel a bit suffocated by all the KH and FF fanfiction clogging up the mechanism in the world of gaming fanfiction (not that there's anything wrong with that XD). So, I figure i'll put up that intro now!

Name: Blackwolfmoon (just call me Julia)
Link to your fic/art/website: LJ fanfic archive (it's all Danny Phantom if anyone's into that, and it's all slash)
Favorite system: Tie between Xbox 360 and Nintendo DS
Favorite game: Dead Rising and/or Half-Life 2
Release you're most looking forward to: Beautiful Katamari for the 360
Slashiest game: Dead Rising (although FF is pretty high up there...)
Slashiest video game moment: From DR: When Kent Swanson puts the gun to Frank West's head, gets up real close and says "I'm gonna tie you up nice and tight- get the zombies all riled up..."
Max Payne/Jack Slate? Trish/Lucia? Rikimaru/Onikage? One rare pairing you'd really like to see: Considering the minor Dead Rising phase i'm going through, i'd have to say Frank/Kent.
Huge swords or huge guns? Which is more Freudian? BOTH really, but i'm a sucker for big guns.

Most of the fic I post here will be Dead Rising or Half-Life 2 related, but I look forward to seeing what the community has to offer!
Get down with the ficness. 
01:38pm 03/04/2007
mood: wild
So I *should* be writing the end of my Bouncer fic, but I can't, because our PS2 died, depriving me of inspiration. Also, Reno/Rude ate my brain! So instead, I'm writing some Turkslash.

Author: Anne
Title: Young Turks In Love
Chapter the First- It Started In The Shower
Pairing: Reno/Rude (eventually)
Rating: I'll say 'adult' to be safe, for lo, there is 'naughtiness' herein.
Summary: Reno has a little problem...
Note: scenes delineated by ~~~ are flashbacks.
Disclaimer: I don't own anything *sigh*.
Feedback: Makes me happy.

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Announcing the Obscure Fandom Challenge 
05:22am 04/01/2007
  I'd like to invite you all to join us for a new round @ yaoi_challenge. You must be prepared to write 1,000 word story or create artwork from one of the fandoms (anime/manga/video games) listed here. You can volunteer to write for as many fandoms as you wish (even though in the end it will be up to you which request(s) you take on).

Details and Sign-Up info can be found here.
Bully Fic! 
03:04am 10/12/2006
mood: satisfied
Title: Small Reconciliation
Pairing: Trent/Kirby
Rating: MA & T
Spoilers: Um... only small ones for the Movie Tickets mission in Chapter 2 of Bully.
Summery: Kirby and Trent reconnect a year after their failed date... sort of.

Notes: Mr. Carter is a take from Coach Carter(if you haven't seen it, it's 'Lean on Me' + basketball).

Thanks To Madam Luna, for beta-ing this for me! ::HUGS::

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02:48pm 04/12/2006
  Would Bully slash be considered rare? I have seen a couple of fics up, but not many.  
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Typical Hello and a Pic 
12:19am 09/11/2006
mood: hungry
Name: Yaoi Huntress Earth
Link to your fic/art/website: yaoi-huntress-earth.deviantart.com
Favorite system: PS2
Favorite game: The Sims 2
Release you're most looking forward to: None at the moment
Slashiest game: that I've played? Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney
Slashiest video game moment: Let me get back at that...
One rare pairing you'd really like to see: I'd like to see some more Eternal Champions stuff.
Huge swords or huge guns? Which is more Freudian?: They're both pretty sexual.

Other than that, I have a neat Midknight x Xavier (Eternal Champions) pic you guys may like: http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/5239416/?qo=137&q=by%3Ayaoi-huntress-earth&qh=sort%3Atime+-in%3Ascraps
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06:35pm 25/09/2006
  Hullo, people!

It's uncertain on how popular Max Payne is outside of gamers, but when a relationship that is far too obvious for words presents itself, it has to be shared.

I and another fan have written a manifesto that details the relationship between Max Payne and Vladimir Lem as we see it.

Anyway, give it a look and tell us what you think!

Grand Theft Auto slash? 
12:48am 08/09/2006
  Hey there-

Joined up just a few moments ago... I was wondering... do any of you know if there is any Grand Theft Auto (Vice City) slash out there? I've been looking for some- surely I'm not the only fangirl who sees the Tommy/Ken love?
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that intro post. 
06:08pm 12/06/2006
mood: happy
Name: Andrew is just fine
Link to your fic/art/website: homo_genius & look me up at FF.net as 'CosmicPudding' I really should update more XDD XP
Favorite system: PSP at the moment
Favorite game: SSX 3
Release you're most looking forward to: the new SSX, because on toyr and out of bounds SUCKED XP
Slashiest game: that I've played? Castlevania (at a friend's house)
Slashiest video game moment: N/A, sadly XP
One rare pairing you'd really like to see: Hmm. How about Brodi/JP from SSX tricky
Huge swords or huge guns? Which is more Freudian?: guns, because they can 'go off'
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Chaptah Two! 
11:39pm 08/05/2006
mood: bouncy
Author: Anne Marsh
Title: Against All Odds
Chapter the second- Dancing in the Dark
Rating: SMUT in this chapter! SMUT, I say!
Pairing: Volt/Kou
Summary: About a week before the events of 'The Bouncer', Volt and Kou tumble headfirst into a relationship that's soon to be tried.
Disclaimer: So not mine. If it was-- well, heh...
Feedback: buys you my love and devotion.

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can't scan in art, *but*... 
02:37am 08/05/2006
mood: artistic
I can give you the scripts to my bizarre li'l fancomics as I write them. Think of it as fic in script form. Below the cut is a brief Bouncer thingy.

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01:20am 08/05/2006
mood: bouncy
Author: Anne Marsh
Title: Against All Odds
Chapter the first- Calm Before the Storm
Pairing: Kou/Volt
Summary: Chapter one set before the events of The Bouncer. Kou and Volt find happiness, but is it destined to be short-lived?
Disclaimer: Nothing belongs to me.
Feedback: Makes me love you long time.

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Obligatory Introduction 
05:00pm 03/05/2006
mood: crazy, but aren't I always?
Heya. Had to join y'all, for I am a slash addict and gamer who loves the rare pairings. Not that I don't have love for any non-rare pairings, but in video games, I guess I tend to like the rare. Anyway, I shall fill out yer survey thing.

Name: Anne/DanaksZoul
No link to favourite fic/art site *tear*
Favourite System: Hard to say. Love both the PS2 and the Gamecube, still love the Dreamcast even though it's a 'dead' system (still love my old Genesis, for that matter...), and I totally lust after the DS.
Favourite Game: Right now, I'm obsessed with Harvest Moon, The Bouncer, and of course, Katamari!!! I'm a sucker for weird games. Oh, and Super Monkey Ball.
Release I'm Most Anticipating: Not sure, actually. I'm one of those people who just looks at what's out and lets things strike her fancy as they will.
Slashiest Game: Hard to say, since I don't play the Final Fantasy series (I'm not dissing the Final Fantasy series! I just haven't been playing it/don't own it! It's very pretty, and I enjoy the anime, so I'm sure if I played more than the demo version, I would love it!)... Bouncer has it's moments... then there's the whole naked Raiden thing... To be fair, any game I play is a slashy game in my hands... I tend to make fighting games very slashy when I play them.
Slashiest Moment: Since I'm currently hooked on Bouncer, I'll use an example therefrom-- I'm playing Kou's storyarc, and when everyone meets up after being seperated, he's in the guard costume my brother refers to as 'bondage zombie'. After he yanks his mask off and yells at Volt for throwing him into the bad guy, Volt tells Kou the (very bondage-looking) guard uniform looks good on him. They need to have sex, like, now.
Rare pairing I'd really like to see: Kou/Volt. No one seems to write them!
Huge Swords or Huge Guns-- Which is more Freudian: Huge Sword/Huge Gun held against each other by respective owners= more freudian than either alone. Though I don't know why the guy with the huge gun wouldn't just shoot the guy with the huge sword. Probably because he'd rather have sex with him...

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Fic: Uncertainties (Darc/Kharg) 
12:13pm 16/04/2006
mood: loved
Title: Uncertainties

Fandom: Arc The Lad; Twilight of the Spirits

Pairing: Darc/Kharg

Rating: Erm, PG13

Summary: If he couldnt remember anything, how could he decide what to do? How could he not believe what they told him if his mind was otherwise empty?

Warnings : Twincest (DUH) boys kissing, violence

Notes: I PUT ART BEFORE GRAMMAR XD *cough* I'm sorry if you find my writting style a little difficult, but if you keep reading its clearer, the first bit is artisticly vauge...

AND I may write more to this, may. Or write something from Kharg's POV, or a prequal, or a sequal... Maybe. It depends if people like this idea, give good comments, blah blah blah...


Yeah yeah I dont know how to do a fancy link, hush you! Just click the linky and read the ficcie!
3 Max Payne Thingies 
09:58am 07/04/2006
  Okay, I don't wanna spam too much, so I'm just gonna put all three things together, which is still spam, but at least it's massive, organized spam.

The Morning After is the third chapter of More Like Fate (PG13, probably),

Irony of Fate is a Vlad-POV Prologue to More Like Fate (R rated),

Pain is an unrelated, short piece, also Max/Vlad set after the second game (definitely an R, that one. Contains torture, though nothing really explicit).



Max Payne Slash Community 
11:02pm 28/03/2006
  Greetings to you, slashers of all shapes and colors, dearest of all my friends!

I come in peace, and the desire to pimp out a brand new slashy community.

The community in question is...

 *Dun Dun Dun!*

The Max Payne Slash Community!

Shocking, innit? ;)

The community will, hopefully, be the home of fanfiction, fanart and wacky chatter of the Max Payne variety. While slash oriented, we'll gladly accept anything Max Payne related (Mary Sues, however, will be shot on sight or, failing that, tortured lengthily, then shot).

So, come and join the fun! Bring guns, lots of guns.

Painkillers, too.